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Africa Hepatopancreatobiliary Cancer Consortium

  • Hepatopancreatobiliary cancers are cancers of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas
  • Rapidly fatal malignancies
  • Poorly understood etiology and biology
  • Often diagnosed at a late stage, after the primary tumor has spread to adjacent or distant organs, precluding curative therapy
  • Africans have higher incidences of these cancers than Americans, Asians, or Europeans.
  • Africans are also more likely to be diagnosed with these cancers at younger ages and have higher mortality from these cancers than many other racial/ethnic groups worldwide.

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Liver Cancer is the Most Lethal of the Major Cancers

Cancer Type Incidence Mortality Mortality Ratio
Breast 2,261,000 685,000 0.30
Lung 2,207,000 1,796,000 0.81
Prostate 1,414,000 375,000 0.27
Colon 1,149,000 577,000 0.50
Stomach 1,089,000 769,000 0.71
Liver 906,000 830,000 0.92

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“The overarching goal of the Africa HepatoPancreaticoBiliary Cancer Consortium (AHPBCC) is to harness resources and expertise across the African Continent and the United States to investigate the influences of lifestyle, environment, viral and host biological factors on the development of hepatopancreatobiliary cancer. This information will inform strategies for cancer risk prevention, early detection, and improved survival of patients with these cancers through workshops and training activities focused on hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer to augment our existing collaborations in Africa for multidisciplinary investigations in the cancer continuum—from risk and prevention to cancer incipience and progression to treatment and survivorship.

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