About Us

Founding Members

  • Lewis Roberts, M.B. Ch.B., Ph.D., FACP
  • Samuel O. Antwi, Ph.D.
  • Bolni Marius Nagalo, Ph.D.
  • Akwi Asombang, MD, MPH
  • Jackson Chipaila, M.B. Ch.B
  • Matt Cooley, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM


  • Develop and support collaborations between member groups
  • Identify factors that influence the epidemiology, etiology, pathobiology, and prognosis of liver, biliary tract and pancreatic cancers
  • Encourage free exchange of results (published or unpublished) and ideas in a collegial environment without fear of competition.


Expand knowledge of the epidemiology, etiology, pathobiology and prognosis of liver, biliary tract and pancreatic cancers through:

  • Fostering collaborations between researchers in different countries;
  • Providing a framework for the efficient conduct and publication of original pooled analyses;
  • Providing a forum and framework for discussion, development and pursuit of new research directions
  • Supporting the development of early career researchers.

Projects of Interest:

  • Biospecimen, Clinical and Epidemiological Data
  • Environmental and Lifestyle Factors
  • Host Tumor Biology and Survival Outcomes
  • Host Genetic Variation and Gene-Environment Interaction that leading to cancer predisposition
  • Viral Genotype and Genetic Variation in Hepatopancreaticobiliary cancers
  • Molecular Genomic Epidemiology
  • Shape Clinical Guidelines for the diagnosis, clinical management, and treatment of liver, bile tract, and pancreatic cancer