2024 AHPBCC Annual Conference

Advancing Global Collaborations to Implement Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Cancer Prevention and Care in Africa

August 21-24, 2024
Sarova Whitesands Hotel
Mombasa, Kenya

Conference Overview

The 2024 Africa HepatoPancreatoBiliary Cancers Consortium (AHPBCC) Annual Conference, set in the picturesque Sarova Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa, promises to be a landmark event in the global health calendar. This year’s theme, “Advancing Global Collaborations to Implement Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Cancer Prevention and Care in Africa,” underscores our commitment to fostering international cooperation in tackling one of the most challenging areas of oncology.

As the third in a series of influential meetings, partially sponsored by an R13 grant award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the conference brings together a diverse and multidisciplinary audience. We anticipate over 300 attendees from across continents – Africa, Europe, and the United States – encompassing established researchers, clinicians, early career investigators, and key stakeholders in fields ranging from Hepatology and Gastroenterology to Oncology, Virology, Pathology, and Genetics.

This year’s conference will focus on enhancing our understanding of the etiology, biology, and prognosis of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers through cross-ethnic and cross-national collaborative studies. Our esteemed faculty will present cutting-edge research, share insights on the latest technologies and resources, and discuss patient recruitment capabilities at various international sites.

In addition to a robust scientific program, the conference offers pre-conference workshops, keynote presentations, themed sessions, and poster presentations. An exhibit hall featuring displays from sponsors and non-profit partners will provide further opportunities for engagement and learning.

A unique feature of the 2024 AHPBCC Conference is its inclusivity and accessibility. It welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, races, religions, ethnicities, and countries of origin who share a passion for HepatoPancreatoBiliary cancer research. Attendees can choose to join in-person at the scenic Sarova Whitesands Hotel or virtually, ensuring wide accessibility and participation.

We look forward to a week filled with insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and collaborative ventures, all aimed at paving the way for innovative prevention and care strategies for HPB cancers in Africa and beyond.


Our mission is to bring together leading experts and innovators in HepatoPancreatoBiliary (HPB) cancer research and care. We aim to foster collaborative efforts, promote cutting-edge research, and facilitate knowledge exchange to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of HPB cancers, with a special focus on integrating global and African perspectives.


Our vision is to establish a platform for groundbreaking progress in HPB cancer research and care. We strive to create an environment that nurtures international collaboration, driving significant advancements in patient care and outcomes, and setting new standards in the global fight against HPB cancers.


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